Fall 2016 Youth Programs

BVT YOUTH Program Offerings –  Fall 2016


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Core Programs

     You must be enrolled in a Core Program to participate & perform in BVT production/engagements.

Junior Repertory (Ages 5 – 9) – $125

Select Mondays – 530pm – 630pm

     Creativity & fun abound as our youngest set learn the basics of acting through theater games, scene & character development, movement, improv & more.  Meets at least 10 sessions per semester, sometimes in combination with Seniors group. 

Senior Repertory (Ages 9 – 12) – $125

Select Mondays – 530pm – 630pm

     One of our most energetic groups, Seniors continue learning basic acting, while working more extensively on character and scene development. Seniors also learn valuable leadership  and beginning directing skills.  Meets at least 10 sessions per semester, sometimes in combination with Juniors group. 

Teen Actors Guild (Ages 13 – 18) – $200

Tuesdays – 6pm – 730pm

Whether new to acting or a seasoned performer, your teen will have the opportunity to hone their acting skills as they work in a full encompassing program that works in acting, tech, theatrical & film writing and all aspects of design.  TAG allows the teen to find his/her artistic niche (or niches).  TAG also includes the popular Oxymorons as well as Tekkies, Dream Team & Pen PALS.


TROUPErdores (Ages 8 – 18) – $175

Mondays – 645pm – 8pm (sometimes 815pm)

     TROUPErdores mixes the concepts of a show choir and dance team to create an incredible, enjoyable learning experience. TROUPErdores is one of our most active performing groups, and can often be seen performing at community events and BVT productions as well.  TROUPErdores members will work specifically on productions & engagements ONLY!  Please note that 7 year olds are welcome if they have been involved in at least 3 productions at BVT with 2 of them being musical theatre productions.

Add-On Programs

     YOUTH must be enrolled in a Core Program to add-on the programs below.

Mini-Morons  (Ages 9 & Up) – $75

Sundays – 6pm – 715pm

     TROUPE’s resident improv team members are the masters of ‘clean-cut’ comedy.  If you like thinking on your feet and letting your creativity flow, this is the program for you!  Oxymorons perform in our Laugh Out Loud! series of improv/comedy sketch shows throughout the year.  Membership is extended to younger ages who have participated in our LOL! Boot Camps in Summer 2015 and/or 2016.

Kidz On Cam (Ages 7 & Up) – $75

Select Tuesdays by Assignment – 6pm – 730pm

(Additional Times As Needed)

     Kidz On Cam is an exciting revived program that will offer members a multitude of opportunities to learn & participate in the realm of film acting & performing but also on the other side of the camera with directing, editing & producing too.  It will be a very fun group that explores performing in a different genre!!!


Dream Team/Tekkies  (Ages 10 & Up) – $75

Select Tuesdays by Assignment – 6pm – 715pm,

Additional Times As Needed

     Dream Team members will have the opportunity to work on most of our season productions this year with costuming, set & scenic design, sound design, props & more and still get their time to shine on stage as actors and/or singers, as they build productions from the ground up.  Tekkies will focus primarily on the technical aspects.



ALL 3  PROGRAMS ABOVE  –  ONLY $125!  (Save $100!!!)

Other Fees…..

Annual Registration Fee (ARF)  –  $30 (paid from Fall to Fall)

Semester Facilities Fee (SFF)  –  $30 (paid per semester, only once per family)