Proceeds from all events listed on this page go towards our capital campaign fund. Our long range goal is to raise enough money to obtain and equip a theater space suitable for our productions and our evergrowing YOUTH program. Those of you who have followed BVT’s growth over the past 20 years know how involved we have been in community events and fundraisers. We now ask community supporters to help us raise the funds necessary to realize our dream of a stable home for our theatrical productions and youth activities. In addition to these events, there are sponsorship cards available at the 29th St. Studio, 3705 E. 29th St. for those supporters wishing to give a more substantial tax-deductible contribution.
Donations can be sent to BVT, P.O. Box CK, College Station, TX 77841
For other questions on how you can help leave a message at 979-846-4903.


A&M Concessions

We will busy working at the A & M games & graduations serving concessions and raising money to put towards our capital campaign. If you would like to support BVT by volunteering to work a game or so, please call 846-4903 and leave your name and phone number and someone will contact you about how to get involved.

Pledge Cards

You can request that we send you a campaign pledge card by calling
979-846-4903 and leaving us a message with your name & address or pick up one at any of our productions.

Change for Change

You Can Support Our Capital Campaign By Simply Dropping Off Your Donation At Any TROUPE Event
Look For Our Big Brazos Bottle!!